Nice to meet you, Google Guacamole

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After a weekend of occasional eavesdropping on the Digital Learning Research Network‘s first conference in Stanford, CA, I decided it was time to reach out to Laura Gogia at the nearby ALTlab of VCU.  Acknowledging my own, and very likely her, busy schedules, I proposed to visit this winter over a coffee or lunch or some such banality and hear about what a colleague on a similar path had done with herself. Instead, she proposed we talk. Now. And we did. It’s such a boost […]

A peek at Lumen’s Waymaker

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Just wrapped up a webinar hosted by Lumen Learning to introduce a project they have underway.  As David Wiley explained it, it’s an LMS plug-in that promises to help close the gap introduced by Bloom’s (1984) 2-sigma problem.  For Wiley, I think the main takeaway from Bloom here is that the average student is capable of amazing learning. This is the founding hypothesis to Lumen’s approach to bolstering an LMS and incorporating OER. With ad hoc tutoring, that is, with the instructor and students linking […]