Statement by Taylor Reveley to William & Mary

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Taylor Reveley  Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 9:31 AM Reply-To: Taylor Reveley To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <> Dear William & Mary Community, In 1800 John Adams and Thomas Jefferson competed for the presidency in a very close and savage campaign. The contending political parties were convinced that the success of the other would destroy our fledgling Republic. But the Republic has proved remarkably resilient. I have great personal confidence in the future of the United States and in its capacity to keep growing […]

OpenEd16 and my deeper community

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Still reeling from last week’s 13th annual meeting of the Open Education Conference–my second–and feeling at once soothed, eased, relieved as well as encouraged and motivated. The conference had the familiar whirlwind atmosphere of too many sessions that I wanted to attend scheduled at the same time, too little time betwixt them to explore ideas, and so many people I have begun to relate with online and could only pass with nods or glancing handshakes, waves, or embraces. Bittersweet, all of that loosely coupled conferencing. […]

Doctor Campbell at OpenEd16

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First, McLuhan. Reminding us that the medium is the message, media constitutes our realities. The opening keynote to this year’s North American open education conference then confronted us with a rocky, clickety-clackety video art piece. A layered, rock riff of a thing. As beautiful, chummy, and intriguing as it was unsettling. We saw the early Bob Dylan, at what I think (because I barely know Dylan) was his peak, young, beat-poet eccentricity and creativity. An awe-inspiring, insightful, and unbridled artist. We witness him playing with associations among […]