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Stumble, will call

"Avoid" from Flickr user murray I, CC-BY-NC 2.0,
“Avoid” from Flickr user murray I, CC-BY-NC 2.0,

Got a heads-up email from a faculty member in my graduate program this week, Stephanie Blackmon. It was a forward from Gardner, advertising an upcoming cMOOC on open education with an emphasis, or at least a leaning, towards goings-ons in Virginia. Now, I am scrambling to finish my dissertation and teach a course already this semester, but how can I, with any sense of confidence, avoid this course? That would be crazy. So here goes. More at


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  1. How can you avoid the course? Reminds me of a conversation I had with Gardner more than 10 years ago when he first described blogging to me. I said that sounds great, but where would I find the time. He replied how can you not find the time. He was right. Glad to have you join us!

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